The 4th Meeting of the Working Group on Rad. Corrections
and MC Generators for Low Energies

Oct. 9-11, 2008, IHEP, Beijing

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Transportation from Beijing Airport to your hotel
(1) By taxi: You can get a taxi right outside the arrival terminals. It is about 40 km from the airport to the Chang-Feng Holiday inn or the IHEP Guest House. The fare is about about 130 Yuan which is roughly equivalent to13 euros,  including highway toll. If you take the Taxi to the Hotel, please show the following tag ① or ②to the taxi driver.
(2) Metro: As part of the subway expansion program for the 2008 Summer Olympic Game, a brand new rapid rail (elevated line) links the airport to the city's subway system.  Just take the airport line of the metro to the last station, 'Dongzhimen' station, where you change to underground subway line 2. Because line 2 is a circle line, you may go either direction, in order to change to line 1. The transfer stations are 'Jianguomen' or 'Fuxingmen' station, depending whether you take clockwise or counterclockwise. There are announcement in English and the next station is displayed both above the doors, and on a display panel at each end of the carriage, both in Chinese and English. So it is easy to find where to transfer to line 1. Once you get to underground subway line 1, go to the west direction towards 'Pingguoyuan' (which means apple orchard, in the west suburb of the city), and get off at 'Yuquanlu' station.  At 'Yuquanlu' station, take the exit A (northwest exit) to the ground (otherwise you need to cross the main thoroughfare of Beijing). In the corner of the intersection, you see a  high-rise building, with big red Chinese characters on top of  it, which is the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Just walk along the main thoroughfare for a couple dozen meters to its entrance, and get into the campus. IHEP shares the campus with the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences. There every student speaks English and would be happy to help you. 
Download the following words in

If you take taxi, please show this to the taxi driver

①  请送我到永定路的“长峰假日酒店”

Please send me to Chang-Feng Holiday Inn at Yong Ding Lu Street.


If you take taxi, please show this to the taxi driver

②  请送我到玉泉路(19号乙)高能所的专家招待所

Please send me to the IHEP Guest House at YU Quan Lu Street.


If you take airport shuttle bus, please show this to the airport or any one near by you.

③  请告诉我,在哪里乘民航班车去“公主坟”

Please send me where the airport shuttle bus to Gong Zhu Fen is.

Download the Map of IHEP & Holiday Inn