The 4th Meeting of the Working Group on Rad. Corrections
and MC Generators for Low Energies

Oct. 9-11, 2008, IHEP, Beijing

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You may of course apply for a tourist visa. But as a good alternative, you may also apply for the visa as an invited visitor together with the people accompanying  you. This type of visa is F (which in Chinese stands for visitor). For this purpose, we shall send you a document (which is a form filled by our foreign affair office) issued by the International Corporation Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is authorized by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You present it when you apply for the visas. To prepare this document, we need the information such as your full name, nationality (country which issued the passport), passport number, affiliation, position. In addition,  there are usually Chinese consulates in more than one cities in your country, we need to specify to which Chinese consulate you will submit the visa application. For the accompanying people, we need the information such as his/her name, nationality (the country which the passport is issued), passport number,  the relationship with you (wife or children). These information are in the registration form.
Due to the Summer Olympic Game in Beijing, the visa might be tightened by Chinese consulates. We do not know how long this will last. So if you provide the needed information in the registration, we shall send you this document, together with the invitation letter. both in scanned pdf files via email, and the hard copies via post. You can decide which type of visa is more convenient for you. Usually the copies printed from pdf files would be good for visa application.

Please notice that from September 29th to October 5th is the week-long break of  National Day holiday in China. All Chinese embassies and consulates  will be closed during this period. So make sure to get your visa ready  before the end of September. 

Second, in the registration number 0016, 0019 and 0020, the forms  cannot be read in English. Will you look at them? What could be the  reason? Should I write to the email address and ask them to register again?